The Judgment Night Radio Hour is produced by The Five Scholars, LLC, which consists of Skyler Q. Andrews, who writes the short stories and radio plays featured in the show, and plays the voice of its ominous host, the Rev. Reginald Cephas Weaver, III; and Sam Ellis, who creates the artwork, produces and curates the music and sound effects, and oversees the aesthetic of the show. The show also features guest voice actors from a variety of artistic and literary backgrounds.

The Judgment Night Radio Hour is a twice-monthly podcast, releasing a new episode the second and fourth Sunday night of every month. Some stories are featured as dramatized prose, or “audiobook-style,” with Rev. Weaver narrating; and some as fully-produced radio plays.

The stories are told in what Andrews calls “Bible Belt noir,”–Southern Gothic or Southern fried with more than a little noir, pulp, or hard-boiled flavoring (even if they aren’t all crime fiction), and not without a strong sense that somebody’s soul is at hazard.

The Judgment Night Radio Hour is available on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloudStitcher, and TuneIn. You can also listen to episodes at our LibSyn page at judgmentnightradio.libsyn.com, or check out the RSS feed to your right!